Property Management

We don't manage a property, we manage an investment. Budgeting is as important as collecting rent, this value underpins every cents we collect and pay.


Experience trust, care and excellence.

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Set & Monitor Rent

Studying the market to provide you indication of the comparable rates. This includes taking into consideration of the location, quality, and amenities of the property. We monitor advertised rent weekly to achieve best possible outcome for your investment.


Handle Applications & Tenant Screening

Invite tenant to submit rental application. Verification and assessment of the tenant's ability to pay rent and ability to care for the property.


Entry, Routine & Exit Inspections

Move-ins and move-outs are crucial  to maintain a good property which require guidance and reports. Thorough and regular property inspections are central to good property management practice. They also prove an invaluable
risk management tool for your property.


Repair & Maintenance

Our landlords get informed before any repairs or money spending items before that cash goes out from your account, except sometimes in case of urgent repairs. This is one of the essential considerations to your investment. 


Advertise & Conduct Open Inspections

Advertise rental vacancies in the most efficient way possible. With us, you can get add-value advertisement service through our off market tenant database. 


Prepare Lease & Required Entry Documents 

Negotiate and prepare lease documents with your Tenant in a timely manner. Landlord-tenant relationships are also governed by many laws, you are required to provide more than a copy of lease agreement to move in your tenant.


Collect Rent & Pay Bills

Collecting rent and following up with rent arrears are our daily routines, we send late notices or VCAT notice if needed. Payment of your invoices (if instructed) and disbursement rental trust funds accordingly to give you hassel free with bills.


Create Hapiness

Now, sit back, relax, and smile.

Thank my friends who recommended Aeon Capital to me. She is not in Melbourne, but extremely comfortable to leave the house to you for long-term management, let me have great confidence.


Having been with Aeon Capital for a year and a half since my property's settlement, from marketing, advertising to inspection, your work is always so dedicated and thoughtful!  Not only I learnt a lot, but also received a lot of extra value added suggestions for my investment! Reasonable price! Effective leasing, Management to details! I would definitely recommend Aeon Capital to my other friends.

@Orrong Road, Toorak

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